AIEL CHESS - Qualifier #19

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Tournament Starts Thu, 3 Mar, 3:00 pm


Team Size 1 v 1 Bracket


Participants: 9 / 32

Qualified Players

akkey kumar @akkeykumar333
sudarshan chavan @sudarshanchavan440

Match Settings

Minimum Participants: 8

Match type: KO

Chess Match Duration: 5

Bracket Schedule
Start End
Round 1Thu, 03 Mar, 3:00 PMThu, 03 Mar, 3:30 PM
Round 2Thu, 03 Mar, 3:31 PMThu, 03 Mar, 4:01 PM
Round 3Thu, 03 Mar, 4:02 PMThu, 03 Mar, 4:32 PM
Round 4Thu, 03 Mar, 4:33 PMThu, 03 Mar, 5:03 PM
Round 5Thu, 03 Mar, 5:04 PMThu, 03 Mar, 5:34 PM


Tournament Rules



  •  The player must check in for every round to play the match in the tournament.
  •  Failure to check in will result in disqualification.

Game Rules:-

  • The play match button will be visible after both players check-in
  • After clicking on the Play match button 3 minutes waiting timer is there for the opponent to join in the match, If the opponent fails to join in the match, you will win the match.
  • The player who will have white moves, That player will have 1 minute to play the first move otherwise Opponent will win the match.
  • If the opponent goes offline 45 seconds timer is there to reconnect, If the opponent fails to connect you will win the match.
  • We provide 5 minutes of relaxation time to the check-in process; i.e. Check-IN will start 5 minutes before the round start time and will last 5 minutes after the round start time (If a Round start time is 3 pm, Check-IN can be done from 2:55 pm to 3:05 pm)
  • If a Participant/Team Leader is unable to check in within the time limit, it’d automatically be counted as a forfeiture of their match
  • If Any issue is there contact an admin through the contact support option.
  • Inappropriate Behavior towards any player will not be tolerated and will result in the banning of the ID.


  • Case 1: Scores are submitted automatically by servers.
  • Case 2: Opponent is Absent If your opponent is absent or doesn’t check in within the given time limit, then you will get an automatic BYE.
  • Case 3: Both Absent In this situation it’s under the Tournament Admin’s discretion.


  • If the Tournament Directors detect a player cheating in the event, the player will be disqualified resulting in losses of all previous games played by this player.
  • The league reserves the right to change the results of the match due to any violations of the Fair Play Policy.

Please note: The registration fee is not refundable in case you don’t participate in the tournament.

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