Responsible Gaming

Responsible Gaming

Responsible gaming remains a core issue for us in order to safeguard our business and reputation. We would like to assure that, responsible gaming is an integral part of our business, and a key driving force behind all of our activities went around.

Fraud and Money Laundering :

The Ultimate Battle has developed a very advanced monitoring capability to identify and protect play from fraud and money laundering. The entire system is backed by competent security team which focuses on business and infrastructure best practices. We put comprehensive watch and monitoring on transactions and gaming behavior so that no player can gain unfair advantage using unfair means.

Deposit Limits:

Ultimate Battle sponsors several brackets of tournaments with different price money. Players can choose to bracket they join. We suggest them to limit themselves to certain bracket at a time and shouldn’t be compelled to huge price amount in place.

Session Time Limits:

Ultimate Battle offers a range of time management tools to limit the duration of game play, with a timer and alert once the limit point has been reached.