About Us

Ultimate Battle is a leading esports platform designed to serve fast-growing Esports community.

Creating an Esports Ecosystem:

The company is focused to design, develop and deliver unparalleled competitive gaming experience for gamers, Esports community and millions of esports fans around the world via esports tournaments and industry-leading content production.
Ultimate Battle provides gamers a unique platform where Esports teams and professionals can compete across a number of different game titles. We simplify esports by offering novice and pro gamers a level playing field with scalable multi-format leagues, ladders and knock out competitions.

Embracing Esports Like Never Before

With some of the brilliant eSports talent on board with passionate ideas, we strive to produce tailor-made eSports solutions for millions of gaming talents who want to get started in the Esports scene.
To bring Esports in the mainstream and engage millions of gamers and fans together, we have tied up with global esports giants. We are consistently working to develop Esports in India.
Since our inception in Esports space, we have provided thousands of esports gamers in India to participate in multi-player mobile, console and PC video game tournaments online for real cash prizes.

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